Monday, April 11, 2011


The movie assignment was something I really enjoyed, because I love the creative aspect of it. My topic was on Bullying, which is an extremely important problem going on in our schools today. I love the idea of mixing music, pictures, video, etc into a cool video. iMovie makes creating videos easier than creating powerpoint presentations. The coolest part about it is that it can be as intuitive as I want it to be. I can make an extremely intricate video, or I can just make a short simple video. Either way, they always turn out way better than expected and can definitely be utilized in the classroom!

What's up g-Doc?

The Google Docs assignment was EXTREMELY easy for me. I use excel on a daily basis at work, and have used Google Docs to exchange document with a group of my friends for quite some time now. With it being just an extension of my email, it has become second nature. I like the usage of it, and I LOVE the accessibility of putting documents on a specific server for others to modify if need be.


At first, the interactive powerpoint assignment was extremely confusing, however, once I understood the patterns and buttons, I was able to essentially copy, paste, then modify. Once I had the basics figured out, it was the same old powerpoint I have grown to love (or hate depending on the assignment). The concept of the interactive powerpoint was pretty cool because I have never viewed/used powerpoint in that manner. I like the thought of using it for Jeopardy type games in the classroom, as well as giving students options on how they want to explore a certain topic, rather than making them do it a specific way.

Long Awaited

My name is David. I am attending Ashland University, pursuing the Bachelors Plus teacher licensure program for Middle grades Language Arts and Science. This blog was created with the purpose of blogging throughout EDCI 505, however, I feel that I can instead provide a perspective of looking back on the assignments instead. Now that they are behind me, I can provide a more level-headed response to them.